Food Immune System Enhancer

Garlic has the advantage of preserving our health by regulating hormones, regulating blood flow, increase your sex drive and many others. If you look further, garlic has in improving immune function impressive. Garlic contains allcin, a powerful component that can destroy bacteria and infection.

Now we discuss one other important foods that can boost our immunity. Meat is rich in zinc, which is a very important element in the ability to produce and reproduce the white blood cells. And as we know, the white blood cells help us to fight the disease.

Yogurt contains live active cultures are bacteria that are good for health. Bacteria are good for this kesehataan very essential to keep the digestive system, especially intestine. A healthy digestive system is essential for a powerful immune system.
Barley and Oats (a type of wheat)
Wheat potential fiber called beta-glucan with antioxidant effect is admirable and antimicrobial. Barley and oats are good foods to boost immunity in humans.
Sweet potatoes
Make no mistake, though often underestimated, sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A is a vitamin that is essential for the production of connective tissue that is the network that connects, supports, and separates between tissues and organs in the body. Sweet potatoes have a major role in keeping the skin from bacteria and germs. Remember, your skin is an important part of your body’s defense system.

Eggs are one of the foods that are good for the immune system. Eggs contain several vitamins, vitamin D major is the potential to eradicate the disease, increase your sex drive, and regulate the flow of blood in the body.

Mushrooms help the propagation of white blood cells, the cells of the body that is bold in the immune system to help fight disease. Mushrooms are also rich in zinc and connected with several other health benefits.

Avocado contains vitamins B1, C, A, and minerals that make it a fruit that is included in the most healthful foods in the world. It helps the colon cleanse naturally.

Coconut and coconut oil has the advantage of abundant health. They have a changing lauric acid into monolaurin. If you do not know about monolaurin, components in milk and naturally strengthen the immune system of infants

Not enough insert it if not given in the list of healthy foods. Well, Give, especially blueberries and raspberries, have antioxidants that can strengthen the body’s natural immune system. Blueberries have a low sugar content than other fruits.

Cabbage has a glutamine-rich. Glutamine is one of the essential amino acids are amino acids that are not produced in the body. Cabbage can increase our body’s defense system.

Lemon is a fruit that is once again able to improve our immune system. The meat is rich in vitamin C makes your body strong in the fight against diseases that attack.

Green Vegetables
Green vegetables are rich in vitamins B1, A, and C. Vegetables are also rich in zinc. As far as you want to boost the immune system, do not hesitate to include green vegetables in your diet mandatory list.

Ginger has potent antimicrobial material. They are also rich in antioxidants and minerals. Ginger is a favorite food of the men who want to boost their immune system.

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5 Fruits cancer prevention

• Avocados
Avocados are rich in glutathione, which oxidants which can prevent free radicals in the body by blocking the absorption of certain fats. The content contained in avocados such as folic acid, vitamin C, E, and antioxidants can stop and kill cells trigger pre-cancerous oral cancer.
• Melon
Carotenoids contained in melon seeds can kill lung cancer and reduce the risk of lung in active smokers. And substance lycopene which is also contained in the melon is able to fight against breast cancer cells, prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer.
• Berry
Wheat berry fruits with cereals that often you consume daily was able to prevent pre-cancerous cells in the digestive tract. Fruits like bluebeery, strawbeey, and raspberries are rich in ellagic acid, one of the most powerful antioxidants help in preventing the growth of cancer cells.
• Wine
Similarly, avocados, grapes are also able to cope with aging, especially the type of red wine. Grapes contain bioflavonoids, which is a powerful antioxidant that works as a cancer preventive.
• Oranges
Oranges contain vitamin C and other substances such as flavonoids substances, coumarin, potassium and pectin are able to cope with the cancer cells. Flavonoid substances in tangerine and lemon acts as an immunomodulator to enhance the immune system as well as encourage destruction of cancer cells.

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Scientific work or scientific literature is the work of a scientists (in the form of the development) who want develop the science, technology, and art obtained through literature, a collection of experience, research, and knowledge of others previously. The scientific work is a statement scientific researchers. So, not just accountability researchers in the use of resources (money, tools, materials) used in the study.

Scientific papers are papers whose contents trying to explain a scientific discussion conducted by a writer or researcher. In Order To tell something logically and systematically to the reader. Scientific works usually written to find answers about something and to prove the truth of something contained object in writing. The term scientific work here is referring to paper that the preparation and presentation is based on scientific studies and scientific workings.

Judging from the short length or depth descriptions, distinguished scientific papers on papers and reports research. In writing, either paper or in a research report, based on scientific studies and how scientific work. Preparation and presentation of works Such preceded by a literature study and field. Thus, the scientific work is defined as the paper who presented the idea or ideas, opinions, comments, facts, and research related to all scientific activities using a variety of scientific language.

Nature of Scientific Work

In contrast to the writing of fiction (novels, poetry, short stories), formal scientific work that must meet requirements. Some of these requirements are as follows:

1. Straightforward and emotional

That is the only scientific work has one sense, do not use the word figuratively, so that the reader does not make interpretation (interpretation) alone own. Therefore, there needs to be limits (definition) operational definition of a term, concept, or variable.

2. Logical

That is a sentence, paragraph, section, prepared on a consistent sequence. The sequence here include understanding the sequence, classification, time (chronological), space, causality, generally special, special-general, or the processes and events.

3. Effective

That is a good paragraph or section should showed the presence of a roundness of mind, there is suppression, and no development.

4. Efficient

The point is simply to use the word or important sentences and easy to understand.

5. Written in standard Indonesian.

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Brain Performance Memory is related to the performance of the brain. Organs like the brain must be trained in order to remain a prime, although brain weight only 2kg, but if not treated and trained brain will slowly become weak, weakness performance the brain can be seen from the inability to remember a case. The brain also requires nutrition from food and some vitamins also need more oxygen compared with the organ – other organs. Not a few people who have memory impairment, or blunting the brain. But the cause of the weakening of memory one does not have to be from the education factor, association or the environment. There is also the factor of genetics that carried over from was born. Some causes of memory loss:

1. Sleep

Research says to sleep for at least 6 hours then brain will experience its full potential, not just the brain  which can break pretty, but other organs also be sufficient to regenerate the body while sleeping. Not only that, with the ability of a person’s sleeping face stress will increase. Then go to sleep in time for at least 6 hours per day.

2. Depression

Depression is a common case in the community Generally, in teenagers or parents. Severe depression can cause weakening of memory, this is because when being depressed then that’s when the immune system decline, according to Katherine Muller, “For someone who experiencing depression have a higher chance of colds and infectious disease. ” Depression medication is very important to be consumed for patients severe depression, but for the prevention of depression only need exercise for 30 minutes minimum to keep the system 1x2hari stay healthy immunity. Can also perform physical activity for minimize the rate of severe depression.

3. Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that is very feared by the public, the pressure rise of sugar in the body. Many patients who have failed vascular system continues, and this can make the reduction system memory. Appropriate treatment of the disease – a disease heart, liver, lungs, kidneys and other organs as well affect memory, this is due to lack of supply nutrients to the brain. So do not let the disease in furthermore.

4. Do not consume alcohol and drugs

For people who are addicted to consuming alcohol, they will degenerate brain memory, and the tendency of social deviation, alcoholics and drugs drugs will experience memory deficits in the short term and the longer damaging memory in the long run, and users of drugs other than impair sexual function. The study ever conducted on an animal that is fed with a mixture of pills ecstasy, drug weakens the nervous system so that the animals The longer acting to get food. When Such animals, especially humans.

5. Lack of vitamin B12

It can be seen from the usefulness of vitamin B12 is to maintain the health of the nervous system in the brain and helps the formation of blood cells, vitamin B12 helps distribute oxygen to the brain, foods containing B12 are meat, eggs, cheese and cereals containing vitamin B12.

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How to Give Your Blog a Makeover

The Daily Post

Jump to:

When I originally started blogging three years ago, I planned my site to be an online home for writing. I wanted words to be the focus – I didn’t foresee using photographs at all – and I selected the journalistic Oulipo theme (layout), to highlight that intention.

Butterfly Mind blog with Oulipo themeBefore: Butterfly Mind blog with Oulipo theme

Over time, though, my blog evolved. I began adding photographs from camping trips, and I began participating in The Daily Postphoto challenges. As I added imagery, I realized the original theme was not optimal for photography. The body was too narrow to showcase landscape photos, and there were no options to use featured images and give impact to photographs that were best viewed in a large format. As Michelle Weber explains in Blogging 101 courses, content loves design, and while…

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Words of Habit

The Daily Post

I’ve thought about that often since. I mean, about the word nice. Perhaps I mean good. Of course, they mean nothing, when you start to think about them. A good man, one says; a good woman; a nice man, a nice woman. Only in talk, of course, these are not words to use in a novel. I’d be careful not to use them.

The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing

A teacher recommended The Golden Notebook to me more than a decade ago. Written by Doris Lessing, The Golden Notebook centers around the life of a writer, Anna Wulf, who tries to make sense of the chaos of life by separating out her experiences into four distinct notebooks. It’s a book I’ve started more than once and despite not having finished it, this one quote has always stuck with me.

After reading Anna’s frustration with the words “good” and…

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Bipolar as Unexpected Gift

danseur ignoble

I’ll begin, here, with a caveat: bipolar disorder is hard, makes life harder, and really sucks a lot of the time ? but sometimes that makes the ways in which it’s a gift all the more startling and meaningful (at least, it does for me).

As such, take all of this with however many grains of salt your own experience requires at this time. Just because I feel like I’ve discovered a secret bonus doesn’t mean that’s everyone’s experience, or that everyone needs to feel the same way. To borrow an aphorism from the kink community, “Your Bipolar Is Not My Bipolar, And That’s Okay.”


It has become somewhat de rigeur to talk about bipolar disorder as, perhaps appropriately, both a curse and a blessing.

With it come harrowing depressions and dizzying (sometimes terrifying) manias, instability that can wreck careers and lives, a powerful predisposition to addiction, the very…

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Our Favorite Books and Why We Love Them

The Daily Post

At Automattic, we have a plethora of book lovers. We love to read and we love to share. And today, we’re going to share books we’ve loved with you, in the hopes that you’ll return the favor and share your favorite books with us in the comments.

lorilooLori McLeese

The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion
Joan Didion allows us into her year after her husband, Gregory Dunne, died. I read this book once or twice a year, and it always brings tears, though I know the outcome. It’s not a romanticized love story, it’s a real love story, and it’s about those incredible, raw, numbing, forgetful moments you find yourself emerged in as grief washes over you.

My favorite passage:

Was it about faith or was it about grief?

Were faith and grief the same thing?

Were we unusually dependent on one another the summer we swam and…

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The Beauty of Teens

The Human Rights Warrior

Photo credit to my son Sevrin Photo taken by (and used with permission from) my son Sevrin at his high school sailing team practice.

As I write this, there are seven teens asleep in my basement.  My son and his friends came back from their high school dance in high spirits last night. Laughing and joking loudly, they boisterously descended on my kitchen, devouring everything within reach (even some chips that I thought I had hidden pretty well).  These guys were the human equivalent of an invading colony of army ants, foraging insatiably through my refrigerator.

Now these boy-men are dead to the world, asleep in a puppy pile on my basement floor.  And I have to be honest – I am loving every single thing about these teens.   In fifteen plus years of parenthood, I have grown accustomed to – perhaps, in some ways, inured to – the many and diverse aspects of wonder in…

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